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There are so many varieties of foods, drinks, and substances out there that understanding which is good for your pearly whites can be a real chore. Here are a few teeth-healthy foods that you can snack on with confidence:

Celery. Celery’s natural structure makes it act like a toothbrush scraping away food remnants, and it has both vitamin A and vitamin C, so it builds healthy gums.

Cheese. Cheese might be the food with the biggest fan club, and we’re fans of the great things it can do for oral health. Once you eat it, cheese naturally lowers the acidity in your mouth. This, along with the protein and calcium found in cheese, makes cheese a tooth-friendly treat!

Strawberries. Strawberries contain malic acids, which can be a good whitener for your tooth enamel. Since they contain lots of vitamin C, they can also help enhance the strength of your teeth. If you do determine to eat strawberries, be careful and ensure to brush afterward: the seeds and acids left from strawberries can cause damage if left to sit too long.

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