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If you’re curious to know the benefits of mouthwash, you’re about to find out. There are many reasons why our dentists, Dr. Steven Rodriguez and Dr. Jeffrey Sevener, strongly encourage including rinsing with mouthwash in your oral hygiene routine. Rinsing can help you in a myriad of ways. However, that’s only the case if you use a mouthwash that can help your oral health, like antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash. There are many benefits to rinsing with mouthwash. Those benefits are:

-Fluoride mouthwash strengthens the teeth: Fluoride is a natural mineral that dives into the tooth enamel and hardens it. This makes the smile stronger. It’s important to expose your teeth to fluoride regularly.

-Antibacterial mouthwash cleans the mouth: This is because it kills the bacteria. This is very important because plaque, which is a form of bacteria, needs to be removed from the smile regularly. The mouthwash can help you do so daily.

-Mouthwash freshens the breath: Everyone wants fresh breath, right? All you need to do is rinse the mouthwash for the recommended amount of time and your breath will be as good as new!

Now that you know all about the benefits of rinsing with mouthwash in Barton City, Michigan, don’t forget to include rinsing in your oral hygiene routine! For more information and details, please call Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Jewell Lake today at 989-736-7000. Our dental team is happy to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you!