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Often times, individuals find themselves suffering from oral accidents or injuries due to causes that are often not preventable. Even if you wear safety gear at all times, it is still possible that damage may occur. Thankfully, your dentist is here to provide restorations and repairs should any damage ever befall your smile. It should even be noted that it may be possible for your dentist to reinsert teeth that have been knocked out. Furthermore, there are ways to help minimize recovery time and ensure a better chance of success if you apply immediate care after the damage has been done.

If an accident to your face has caused more than just chipped teeth and has instead knocked teeth out completely, you should also save the teeth as they may be reattached later. Soak the tooth that has been lost in a solution to ensure it stays moist. You can even try putting the tooth back in place as long as you make sure not to hit any nerve endings. For the best possible chance of having a tooth successfully put back into its socket, try to visit your dentist within one hour of losing it.

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