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Although effective oral health care routines are essential for ensuring the safety of your teeth and oral health, additional repairs and restorations may be needed to take them to the next level or restore your oral health. If you’re looking for a beautiful smile, consider cosmetic dentistry to give your smile a makeover.

If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry treatments that are highly effective for repairing the look of your smile, tooth restorations such as dental crowns, dental bonding treatments, teeth whiteners, or dental veneers will be used.

Dental crowns are a highly effective cosmetic dentistry restoration that seals teeth on all sides. However, if you’re only looking to cover up the fronts of teeth with a customizable restoration, a better option would be dental veneers. Furthermore, if you require a tooth restoration that simply needs to repair minor surface stains or abnormalities, dental bonding treatments could prove to be highly effective. However, if you wish to eradicate deep stains and discolorations with a highly effective tooth restoration treatment, teeth whitening systems are available to give you a whiter smile.

In some instances, your teeth will need to be replaced. If you have any missing any teeth, the aesthetics of your smile will suffer. Thus, a treatment such as dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants will be required. If you’re looking for permanent treatments, dental bridges and dental implants can both work. However, your jawbone will need to be extremely strong to hold a dental implant in place. As an alternative, dental bridges can be connected directly to nearby neighboring and teeth. For a temporary treatment that provides you with removable options, then your best option is dentures.

There truly is no better way to enhance your smile than with cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you would like to discuss cosmetic dentistry treatments and have your teeth examined by our team at Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Jewell Lake, please book an appointment with Dr. Steven Rodriguez and our team at our dentist office.  To initiate a visit with us in Barton City, Michigan, call our office at 989-736-7000.